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  • Financial sectors

    Confidential data, the critical operating material in the financial sector, makes it highly vulnerable in terms of clients’ and employees’ data and other sensitive categories such as contracts, strategic plans, etc. Another challenge is the compliance of internal security regulations with GDPR or PCI DSS regulations.

    PULSEC team has a long-term experience in overcoming the most complex security challenges in this sector and is a reliable cybersecurity partner to banking institutions and insurance companies in the Western Balkans Region.

  • Telekom operators

    The core business of every telecom operator is to provide the latest state-of-art services in mobile and fixed telephony, digital TV, internet, data transmission, and user services that are always reliable and available.

    Our expert team is your right hand, not only in the protection of critical services, but also in providing maximum service availability.

  • Government institutions

    Government institutions handle a vast quantity of sensitive privacy data. They are a constant target of the cybercriminal organizations prompted by various motives to misuse data or unauthorized access to digital resources of the government.

    PULSEC’s specialized solutions for the protection of highly sensitive data enable government institutions to reduce security risks and manage data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Energetics

    The energy sector is of vital importance for the functioning of the state, that’s why it is a target of individuals and groups from the cyber underworld. On the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, which advocates for greater operational efficiency through automated business processes, the energy sector is more vulnerable than ever, as it is designed to not meet modern cybersecurity standards.

    The upgrading and protection of critical infrastructure, including ICS networks and IoT infrastructure, is an absolute priority to prevent catastrophic consequences such as paralyzing the state and losing lives.

    PULSEC is following and applying world trends in the cyber protection of the system domain for the management of industrial plants, SCADA systems, and IoT infrastructure.

  • Large and public enterprises

    In the era of the digital economy, modern companies have been increasing their focus on the “security first” principle in business to secure unhindered, smooth growth of their business. PULSEC team has long-term experience in designing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the commercial industry. It is a reliable partner to many companies in the broader European market.

  • Healthcare

    Hackers, prompted by various motives, often target health institutions and can easily obtain extremely sensitive patient data, such as blood type, prescribed therapy, etc., directly endangering human lives. Our experience in cooperation with health institutions in the Western Balkans Region shows that the largest number of malicious software is placed through an insufficiently protected network, mail servers, and applications. We have created a separate package of solutions and a specialized team that will help you reduce safety risks to a minimum.

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